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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Just Right Organizing services!

I provide a NO JUDGEMENT approach to organizing. I enjoy getting to support individuals and small businesses with decluttering, organizing and enhancing the FLOW in homes and companies.

The ultimate goal is to make spaces and processes JUST RIGHT for you and your needs.

I am open to all opportunities and look forward to working with you!   

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- Kalli Erwin LCPC, MEd., Owner 


We provide no-judgement professional home organizing that is JUST RIGHT for you and your style:  
              - Kitchens               - Bathrooms 
              - Laundry Rooms      - Storage Rooms 
              - Kid's Rooms          - Seasonal Decorations 
              - Toy Rooms            - Closets   


I give an outsider's perspective on how to increase business and improve the processes. Owners, you can save time and grow your business by letting me organize the policies, procedures and attention to detail by creating or update your:   
             - Training Procedures      - Side Work Charts 
             - Employee Manuals      - Employee Improvement Plans
             - Organizing Supplies    - And more

We also tackle physical spaces and paper management: 

             - File Cabinets               - Storage Spaces 

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